New Cutters…

Got these early last week, but I’ve been on the run almost everyday since then, I kept putting off uploading pics and posting..

The new knife I’ve been carrying, plus another similar to it that has a liner lock and pocketclip. The slip joint is a Schrade(imported by Taylor Brands, mostlikely china made),  123OT, the locking one is a 223OT.  The OT stands for the sub brand Old Timer.

No idea where these are made… They are deff post 2004 after Schrade closed and Taylor Brands took over, but imports are required to be stamped or etched in some way with the country of manufacture… I can’t find a mark on them other than the OT shields, and Schrade, with the model numbers on the tangs.

There also appears to be two different generations of manufacture here, since the tang stamps and shields are different between the two…  The boxes were also different styles/prints.












The 223 is sabre ground… Wish it was full height ground like the other, but it’ll still cut(and came SHARP!)so I can;t really complain, its just a astetic preference of mine really.



With the Rough Rider;

I thought all three of these would turn out to be the exact frame pattern, but the RR is actually a bit different, its higher/deeper from spine to belly of the handle, the curves in the grip being just a touch more pronounced.

And between the two Schrades, the 223 is a bit slimmer on the tail end bolster, and squarer cut at the blade end bolster.  The 123 and the RR are 4″ closed, the 223 is 4-1/8″ closed.




And, yes I hadn;t had them for maybe 4 hours before I had modified one…. swapped the thumb stud to the opposite side of the 223 for left hand opening, and ground the liner lock tab down to clear the stud on that side, and to make it lower for a more comfortable grip.







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