Introducing the Iluminati

New bead model/style;


This came about when I was wondering what little project I could make with some on the new GITD acrylic I got recently… Then I was thinking about turning asome beads, and some copper and it fell into place, Whats THE Cool metal to get anything in now? Copper. What the other Cool material now? Anything GITD(Glow in the dark), so the Perfect bead, built to fuel both addictions on top of all the fads out there right now. 😀

Two pieces of copper turned and end barrels matched in Dia, and pressed into a chunk of GITD Kirinite, then turn the Kininite down to shape. Its rather solid, even just a press fit, no glue or epoxy etc, with a good grip on the copper ends, and pull as hard as I can, it doesn’t budge.


With another recent one, all acrylic(moon glow GITD acrylic, and a sparkly orange and yellow acrylester) laminated bead. I call in Sonic… The end view has a sort of throwing star or buzz say look that reminded me of a spinning Sonic the hedge hog(dang, thats a blast from the past, ain’t it??) 🙂  Anyway, they are here together for scale with a US quarter;



The Sonic on its own;



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  1. weston

    Hey! That’s pretty cool!

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