Knife carry… hmmm… lets call it complications…

Apparently I’ve gotten REALLY uses to one hand open knives… especially in the winter with gloves on…  I knew I had really gotten used to, and have been prefering flippers to thumb studs, and even better assisted open for winter and work use with gloves on, but hadn;t really thought about how much I;d gotten used to one hand opening even manually with studs. 

SO I stuck a aftermarket stud on the Rough rider this week;




Works good, even though its a bit stiff opening it that way against the back spring. But I don;t have to use it one handed eother, this makes it so I have something to grip and use to “pinch open” the blade with the other hand, without having to take my gloves off..

 This is the first time I’ve really carried a smaller traditional knife where I’ve been outside in the cold, for a while..  This has never applied with my big folding hunter when I’ve carried it this year, even with gloves, because it has a nice wide blade exposed, its easy to pinch open without this…


Only one problem, I discovered after that was on there a couple days… Quite by accident, I realized that since it sticks out the same amount on both sides of the blade, it sticks past the secondary blade; And blocks it from opening!!

And since I Do use the other blade for things, I had to take the stud off.


The other thing I really miss is a pocket clip… Its anoying having to reach to the bottom of a pocket for the knife. Especially with work or winter gloves on(Yes, a lot of my preferences and problems hinge on gloves… But unfortunetally thats just the way it is, I can’t get around needing them in both my climate and the types of work I do..).

So anyway, this is why I had tried the sheath in the last post. That obviously didn’t work.

This time I tried a method of carry that I’ve had great success with for flashlights without clips, and while it takes a little practice, I can even retrieve from this carry with most gloves on;



Just clip the caribiner to a belt loop, or in most cases the leather keeper loop next to my belt buckle, just behind my front left pocket.  

The only problem this has is that it swings around a lot, and can be anoying… Its not too bad with flashlights, but they are a Lot lighter in weight, they don’t move as much.  Its also not real secure, although I’ve never lost a light carrying them this way…

Will try it for a while and see how I like it. so far, after one day out and about, its OK…

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One thought on “Knife carry… hmmm… lets call it complications…

  1. Weston

    Hmm…. yeah, if you live in AK, you need gloves for sure!

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