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So, I’m sure I;ve mentioned before that I HATE carrying belt sheaths for tools or knives. I’ve done it off and on onver the years, and while I find utility in the concept, its always a (literal) pain in practice. They get hung up in tight places… heck, they get hung up in chairs! Anywhere you end up laying down, they are ALWAYS right in the spot you have to lay on.. They bang into and can scratch walls, and cars…  

But, every now and then, I try it again.  This time I dug out a one of a kind custom sheath that I have. I got it in a craftsmans “round table” (everybody makes something, they draw names and you send what you made to someone else) once with a fancy Case knife in it. Knife wasn’t my style so I put it into a giveaway as a prize a couple years ago…  I’ve never worn the sheath much, for two reasons… I Hate belt sheaths being one… The other being that the item i put into the trade wasn;t well recieved, by the recipient or the other people involved… It was really a lousy attempt at a custom knife, far, far from my best work… But at the time it was the best I could do and figured that was enough. I had intended to make the guya better knife soon after to send to make up for it, but I got out of making soon after and never got it done.  No one said anything was really wrong, and that I shouldn’t have gotten anything out of the exchange, the guy that made me the sheath at the time said it was fine, don’t worry and to keep it…  but I never felt too good about it.  Thus it was hard to use the sheath, or the knife.    

But, I figure its too long now to ever be able to find the guy and get a better knife to him, and I did do my best, the best that I could at the time, and thats all you can ever expect from anyone, Especially yourself…   No use continueing to kick myself over it everytime I see this sheath, Right?

So, I have the sheath, regaurdless of anything else, I have it, and it is a Extremely nice piece of craftsmanship, it deserves to be used. 

Problem is, I still can’t stand to use belt sheaths!

I;d give it away, but it being personalized with my last initial makes that a little bit harder than average…





Its even fully lined in, as I recall, pig skin suede;



The maker goes by the name RG Leather BTW. Really cool guy, that as ou can see does great work. 

So, anyway earlier this week, I stuck this weeks knife, the red Rough Rider in it and wore it for a day…

Ahhhh, NO.

It sticks out and bumps things, its uncomfortable sitting in chairs, it was uncomfortable in the truck… Now, this isn;t exactly a low profile sheath either, its pretty bulky. Verry slim low profile sheaths have worked for me for a while before, so this is a bad idea going in… I knew it likely wouldn’t work, but it was worth a try..

I’ll have to fend something useful tat fits in it and put it on a loop on my cab commander/truck organizer, or maybe somewhere on my hunting gear… It really is a nice piece that I;d like to see get some use… Just Not hanging on my side!  


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  1. Weston

    It is a nice sheath.

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