One Month challenge in effect again!

AK Adventurer said, on Feb 1st  2014

Enter, The One Month Project;

While picking yesterdays carry, I got to thinking about how often I change up what I carry; pretty often!

I decided I need to do a “time test” and stick to a defined set of gear for a set time span and see how I like it long term. Made me think of the challenge a buddy gave me at the start of Jan, a 1 month trial of a theory on getting things done every day(which worked! and I stayed with it almost every day for the whole month!)

I thought, naw, a month is too long, go for a week like some other guys do… I’ve ended up with the same EDC core set for a week before, just naturally because it worked for what I was doing, so I know I can do it on purpose…

But yeah, if I know I can do thats, its not much challenge is it?

A month it is then! :cool:

So, I had just previously picked what I was carrying for yesterday, and I almost re-picked based on other preferences, more proven/trusted gear that I use etc. But that defeats the purpose in a way, so I stuck with what I had, and that days choices are now my carry for the month of February 2014.

You guys are gonna get sick of pics of the same stuff over and over for a month, I’ll bet! šŸ˜‰

So, what I have, is;
RAT Model 2
Case Bluegrass Bone Circle ‘C’ Peanut(TrueSharp SS blades)

Leatherman Wingman

Rofis JR10, and Olight i3S EOS

Other Gear;
Green clover Zippo with Thunderbird pipe insert,
Bit Kit #3, (the one MangeD700 sent me),

I’ll still be rotating my watches depending on what kinda work I’m doing.

And will still have some things that never leave my EDC like my watch case pill fob, comb, money clip(will stick with the buffalo coin clip), and phone.

Will also still have my back up winter light, the headlamp in my jacket-Its just too useful in emergency dark work to give up. But my backup knife, screw driver thats sometimes in the jacket Will Not be carried, keeping me using the core tools I’ve chosen for the month.

Will try to keep y’all updated on usage, or failures; times where I would have been better served by some of my other gear. Will especially mention any days where I normally anticipate certain work and take certain gear in anticipation of it… and report how this gear worked out on those days.

So, taken last night;(a first for me, one of these ”hand held” EDC pics..)


Here we go!

Well, its been one year since I started this the first time, and then amazingly made it the whole month.

A few weeks ago I tried a simple two week run to finish 2014 and failed…

But, here is what I have been carrying since the 1st, and will be through the 28th;


Like last time, watches don’t count, I’ll be rotating them based on type of work. Also I have found that pens should fit this caegory; My fountain pen is not sub zero weather compatible, and today I swapped it for my Zebra ball point. I only have three ens that I choose from anyway, same as the watches, so its not like I’ll be doing a big “different item every day of the month” rotation with these items.

I have two knives inbound right now too, but they are 95% identical to the red bone Rough Rider hunter, so I’m not sure yet if I’ll count trying them a cheat or not… Or since they are so close, if I will really want to try them in carry…

There are four items I’m going to allow to be added if I need them, and not be counted cheats, on the what if, No holds barred Emergency days, blizzards etc, where all bets are off;

My Kobalt screw driver, the Knipes pliers wrench, the Bark River knife, and my browning headlamp.

SO; Here we go again!!  

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  1. Weston

    Good luck!

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