And today, the 3rd,

And as per the last post, its obviously the same;




So far so good on the steady carry, no issues so far except I did swap to a different pen today, from the Noodlers Konrad FP to my Zebra BP…. Was gonna be in a cold setting today and liquid FP ink doesn’t play well at -20F 😉 (Noodlers does make a line of fountain pen inks called Polar, that is resistant to some subzero temps, but I don’t have any of it… :eek: :oops: )

Going to add pens in with the watches situation dependant category, can be rotated for different work settings… Although ironically I’ve worn the same watch for like 9 out of every 10 days for months… 😉 :rofl:

But anyway, If nothing else I’ll pick two pens that I’m limited to, to stay closer to the limited carry theroy; the FP and a more rugged one.(also ironic though, since I only have Three pens that I ever choose from to use anyway! :giggle: )

Aaaaannnnnddd, I found my lost razor knife!!

Was looking for my vice grips in my truck yesterday, tore the whole truck box apart, unloaded it and re-packed it, didn’t find them, so I then did the cab… there it was on the passenger floorboards under some stuff I’d brought home from a job site, and some of my emergency winter gear… Now I remember I had left in on the hump/trans tunnel with my spare boot soles for my Korkers, and the keys to the truck box etc, in case I needed it…. I’d looked there when i discovered I didn’t know where it was/thought I’d lost it a few weeks back, and it wasn’t there, and I did look in the cab otherwise… just not exactly in that corner of the floor I guess… :unsure:     The vice grips were down there too. :rolleyes_revamped: :giggle:  





Yeah, its time to really clean out the cab and find a better way to pack my winter gear… If it ever gets above 10F out so I can do it semi comfortably, Ill do it… until then?  Meh. 😉


Fancy pic needed elsewhere;



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One thought on “And today, the 3rd,

  1. Weston

    Capt’n, she canna hold any longer! The black hole in the floor boards is eatin’ through all our ev’y day carry…. I donno how long we can hold he’re together like this…… 😀

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