New project…

Building a grinder. I have a set of these plans, that I bought Ages ago before I had a welder setup to use easily;

Basically this sucker right here;



Its designed to be able to be put together by the average hobbiest with easily scrounged steel and limited tools, so its a no-weld design; It all bolts together.  I’m gonna simplify the work(lots less hole drilling, and a few less bracket pieces), slightly re-design it, and weld it together. πŸ˜€

Now, maybe in the lower 48 square tube steel is put a side as scrap more often, and easier to scrounge, but a friend and I both tried to scrounge steel for this for a couple years, and came up dry!  And that stiff is spendy to buy here!

So, I’m doing the same basic design, but since I can weld it all together, I can use round tube, angle iron in places where they needed the 3rd  and 4th  walls of the tube just for bolts, and different sizes of square tube, etc…

Most grinders like this run a Big 8” or 10”contact drive wheel for the belt, and a variable speed motor… But as this one is shown, they did as I’m going to, and  run a set of stem pulleys for speeds, allowing a small contact wheel to have the same torque/rpm as the big wheel setup…  SO I don’t have to shell out $200 for a contact wheel, or have to figure a way to make a wheel that big.    IF I can scrounge some 3” or 4” amuminum stock, I can lathe turn all the small wheels I should need, still saving me the cost of Any wheels(those little suckers are still like $50 a pop!)   

I even have a Big 3/4 or 1 HP motor that came off my lathe(had an issue that the warrenty fixed by sending us a new motor, then we later fixed the first motor πŸ˜€ ) And I already have the bearing pillow blocks and shafts, and step pulley setup from a home built wood lathe that my Dad buit years ago.


All I need is the luminum stock, and a few more pieces of steel tube, and I’m set. 

Oh, and someone to carry my stick welder back into my basement for me… That thing is Heavy!!

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2 thoughts on “New project…

  1. Weston

    “Oh, and someone to carry my stick welder back into my basement for me… That thing is Heavy!!”
    -Uh… um… I just so happen to be really busy all next… ever. -j

    • Well, I carried it out of the basement so that YOU could borrow it to use it…. So… To be fair…. It is Your Turn to move it, so that I can use it… πŸ˜‰ :p :p lol

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