Couple old projects.

Bloodwood and ebony on 5/32” O1 tool steel dagger, one of my firsts, about a decade ago… Those double grinds straight(mostly!) and even were a real PITA…  I omly ever made one other double edged dagger, and out of MUCH thinner stock to make grinding easier… ANd it was still a Pain. Only the two ever got made, and I will Never do it again!

WIth my new Barkie(6.25” overall) for scale;





Showing what is hopefully possible with the grain in a piece of wood I just gave someone(from the same batch as this handle was cut from)




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2 thoughts on “Couple old projects.

  1. Weston

    Did I mention that I draw stick people? Looks great.

    • I dunno, I still say drawing stick people might be the better talent, after all it did help get you Suzy! Nothing I’m doing is helping me on that front..


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