EDC and some adventure…


Friday the 23rd, one of my random semi planned days, looonnng day out doing some ministry with a church friend, then errands with another friend, running around in a snow storm at -15F, and a late dinner with friends..   Took some old standard, trusted EDC items, not knowing what the day held.


Also had the knipex pliers wrench, and BC10 light in my jacket just in case, and my new Ti D25A light which I used a lot, got left in a jacket pocket and missed the pic…  

The 24th, shorter more hectic day… tried to do the plowing needed after the blizzard on Friday…  -20F, cold, entertaining, and messy day.

Again, also had the knipes and BC10 on me too, and the knipes got some use on my plow hoist. 


Loks like the Ti flashlight missed that pic too…




Some of today;

A little cold(-20F)


Got stuck;


Got frosty;



No, thats not blood. Its ATF out of the plow hoist;



Maybe monday I can get the plowing done… Maybe.



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One thought on “EDC and some adventure…

  1. Weston

    Still having trouble with the plow I see….

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