For the day of 1-21-15






As I suspected, my fountain pen fits perfectly in the second side of the sheath;




And, I realize I haven’t actually posted about the pen. I’ve had it for about 2.5 years now, never really carried it much before, it leaked a bit when new, and would “drop” ink randomly in writting…  Leaving a 1/4” to 1/2” blob/smudge of ink on the page..  I fixed it a few months after that by adjusting the feed, but I was still apprehensive of really using it.  But it hasn’t done that in months, any time I’ve used it since, while its been my home journaling pen. So I figure why not, I’ll cart it around some.  

Noodlers(brand) Konrad(model) Fliex nib(varriable line width) piston filler(has its own ink resevoir and fill machanism).


 Filled now with Noodlers Red-Black ink, a gorgeous DARK red, that shades to black.

9mm fob pull on the new light so I can carry it today, after tweaking the clip with my WIngman to make it a bit tighter to the pocket.






Plus a ring and clip set up so I can put it on my neck carry cord if I want to;





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