Light carry and mail call for Monday 1-12-15


Monday was a Verry simple day;



And, mail call got me two new items, a Solid Copper(!!!) second admendment chalenge coin, and a BIG brass paper clip! 

Each from a friend on EDCF. The coin a late Christmas item, the guy got one for the guy he drew in our secret santa gift exchange, but had to order a minimum of 20… so he has sent several of these around to the really cool guys..(not sure why i got one!)

And the paper clip was something i saw the other guy post, and asked where he got it, it looked handy… He asked for my address so he could send me one!(I’ve a sneaking suspission he makes these things). I agreed on if he included a return address so I can send something back to him later šŸ˜‰ . 








Gonna use the paperclip to hold my Field Notes books together to carry them, and I’m thinking of soldering the coin to the front of a brass Zippo like I did with one of my solid silver coins… Maybe.




One of the other guys that got a coin was teasing a third guy that got one( I count 9 people so far that have recieved one of these) The trend so far is to post it with one of your guns, andway one guy was teasing another that he wanted to see it with a Beretta, since the one guy just got a new Beretta auto… Gonna see if I can gazump him and post it with my Beretta first šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜€




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One thought on “Light carry and mail call for Monday 1-12-15

  1. weston

    Coins and guns, sounds like a good pic combo!

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