New Knife.

Well, sort of…  I bought this thing about 7 years ago for a specific purpose, and it got used for that purpose, but never really used

The purpose was as a companion piece for one of my trucks… Handle color and styled to match the them on the truck, a knife to keep in the truck if one was needed.

Its been laying in storage for a couple years wince the truck has been out of commission… Since carrying the Coast stockman has been working out OK for me the last few days, I thought I’d get this one out, clean it up and give it a try too.

2004 year stamped German Made Bulldog brand buffalo horn handle medium Sowbelly Stockman. Carbon Blades I think.



Only problems I can see with really using this one much is the odd angles the blades sit compared to the handle, and the spey blades top corner needs rounded off a tad for comfort using the other two blades. I;ll hit the shop tonight for that rounding… Otherwise, only time will tell!

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One thought on “New Knife.

  1. Weston

    I like the scrollwork, but I agree, the blade angle is odd.

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