My other headlamp..

Here’s my other headlamp. I’ve actually had this one longer than the Browning model shown before, by a couple weeks… That year I had really been wanting one and bought myself this one as a gift a few weeks before Cheistmas. Unknown to me that Mom had already bought me the Browning! At the time I figured this one was a good brand, with known light output, and build etc, it would be the better light and I’d probably not use the other…. Turned out the Browning lamp is more solidly built, has more modes, higher output and a lot better interface for use!!


So I Never use this one. Its not as bright, has a terrible blue tint to the LEDs, and the mode cycle sucks… I always mean to load it with cold temp resistant NiMh cells and leave it permanently in the truck for emergencies, but i always find better uses for the batteries, and its useless to do it with alkalines because of the cold… so it stays empty and lives on a shelf at home.

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2 thoughts on “My other headlamp..

  1. Weston

    Never hurts to have a backup or spare.

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