Super Sweet new silver and copper tag…

Was admiring these great tags that a guy on the forums makes, and complimented him…

It was funny because in my initial comment I had thought about going “ so how do I get one of these beauties? 😉 “  But having not funds at the time I didn’t want to possible start something I couldn’t complete(having no idea IF he sells these, or if so for how much— I have since gathered that he only gifts them to folks, or mostly anyway) But regardless of thatm i thought maybe it was a bit too cheeky to suggest he might sell one…

What was funny?

Without my having mentioned wating one, a few moments later I got a convo(private on forum comunication) from him offering me one, and having me pick my favorite of them!!!  Took some doing to choose from them I’ll tell ye!!

I gave him two choices, a prefered one and a backup in case someone else wanted the first(as he said two people were ahead of me to choose). This one was my first coice.

Its Nickel Silver on one side and copper on the other, the silver side is deep acid etched with a cross, the copper side is stamped with Matt 14:24–26

Out of two or three of them with verses on them, that one speaks the most to me, a sentiment/passage that it’d be nice to remember, and have a reminder of on me.


Pain to get a good pic of the color, the cross side os more like this;



But with a slight coppery tint… so the color is a little bit like this shot;

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