For the 7th…

Last work day EDC for a while I think, finishing up that job today, so some of the extra tools are/will be filtering out of carry I think.



And since I have no cash right now for my money clip to grip on the outside of my cards, I loaded them into the new wallet that a friend sent me last week.  I tend to hate wallets, too big and a lot of needless bulk… a pain literally in a back pocket was why I wnet to a money clip and front ocket carry. We’ll see how well this thing does for front pocket use for a day or two.

I forget the brand/what its malled… the “Mighty Wallet” I think… Its made out of one pices of fancy printed Tyvek cut and folded in a complicated way to form two bill slots, tow credit card slots, and a somewhat hiddend pocket or two..





















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2 thoughts on “For the 7th…

  1. Weston

    What?! No Chevy lighter? :p

    • Not for driving a Ford truck! That could throw the balance of the whole universe off!! I’ll get a Chevy lighter for driving that 2wd when I get it going this summer.(Weston goes; “Yeah. Right. when he gets it going in 10 years…Maybe.” )

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