Jan 4th and 5th 2015


On me for Sunday the 4th, 2015;




And since it was -20F to -30F out, and you don’t fool around with possible/maybe/might at those temps, and you stay prepared for Anything,  I had these in my jacket;





And, back to work, and other adventures on Monday the 5th;






Both days I also had my usual money clip, and my phone, both of wich got left out the pics again…


Felt like taking a watch pic for the Watchu wearing? thread on the forums. Discontinued Citizen Eco-Drive Diver, that a friend gave me. This is my go to rough work watch, since he was wearing it durring a small explosion, and it never missed a beat.. I know it can take anything I can throw at it. Its become my ‘standard’ watch, the one I wear the most, edging out my Eco Drive Chronograph lately.  




Knife pic for something else on the forums… I’ll explain that here later after I know more. 😉



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One thought on “Jan 4th and 5th 2015

  1. Weston

    Can’t be unprepared in the cold, that’s for sure!

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