My knife at work…

Had this knife(RAT 2) in hand using it for about 2 hours straight a couple days ago, scorring masking tape where it meets the wall, around doors, windows, heaters etc, cutting the dried paint so I could pull the tape… And scraping up the remaining tape bits that didn’t peel completely.  Along with carving, scrapping, prying out a lot of caulking from a tub suround seam too.

Yes, I was prying with the knife, not the bar… the knife was thinner and more agile, fit the space better, and I could cut, pry, cut, pry repeat add infinitum, in one go with the knife. Easier and faster.



 As a side note, my most used EDC item at that job has been the knife, and my headlamp… OK, maybe my pen and Field Notes come in above the headlamp, but its been a life saver as it always is; working from 6pm to 12am or 1am means its dark for 1 to 2 hours before I ever start… putting up outside window and vent trim, moving stuff arond etc woulda been a real PITA without it. This thing actually gets an epic amount of use if I’m working in the winter.(makes me wonder though why I’m always working in the dark!! 😉 lol )



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2 thoughts on “My knife at work…

  1. Weston


    • In my experiance knife=prybar, usually equates in the end to be knife=prybar=broken knife blade 😉 Thankfully caulking is relatively soft stuff, even at 1″ square bead build up…

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