Mainly just to prove I could do it…

Parked my truck sideways in a buddies garage… πŸ˜€







The area I had to work with… Actually pretty tight with a full size long bed truck.




I started that with the truck drove nose first into the near/right hand bay, garage door closed, as if parked there. I actually had it figured out how to turn the truck fully around inside the closed shop, but the lost space of the filing cabinet, engine hoise, and that dang tire machine and spools etc at the end made it impossible without moving stuff around, while moving the truck around. Too much hassle to prove a point. If the room was bare though, I’m 95% sure I can turn it all the way around and drive it back out.  As it was, I reversed manuevers and got it close to where I started(could have got it perfect but it was another 5 minutes of jacking it back and forth that wasn’t worth burning the gas to do it) and backed it out of the shop at an angle.

There is another way to turn fully around in there… But I’d have to have a emergency brake hooked up to start the turn, and my street slick tires on for lack of traction… and if the brakes gave out mid maneuver my buddy that owns the shop would kill me for going through whatever wall or door I’d be aimed at at the time… πŸ˜‰ Right Weston?

Might not make that maneuver with the ofset at the back making the one bay shorter than the other too… at least not with a long bed truck. (Right now my Buddy Weston is thanking his lucky stars that my shortbed doesn’t have a motor right now! πŸ˜‰ LOL )

This actually came about as a practical enterprise, believe it or not,using the truck bed as a easilly moved height and stability extension for a ladder, while working by myself on the garage door openers that are mounted on the 12′ ceiling..

By the time I got around to turning it sideways, technically I could have finished the job without doing it, but I then had to prove I Could do it… Knew it would be fun to do too. πŸ˜‰





That ladder has seen better days and ain’t too solid anymore… and I hate the things anyway if they ain’t bolted/clamped down.. The added height was nice too.

Yeah, it might be redneck, but it works!!


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One thought on “Mainly just to prove I could do it…

  1. Weston

    Point proven!

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