End of December EDC test report.

SO, for the record… My EOD(End OF December) EDC test… I failed it on Tuesday night.
It was a thought out choice though..

Also depends on how you count things I guess, but for what I was trying to do its a Fail.
I didn’t change any item; IE didn’t swap a knife for another knife, or change between lights… I kept the same setup, just Added To It.. so I stayed true, but didn’t fully stay with trusting or testing capapbilites…Or risking failures.

OK, I failed the challenge today. Had a job to go to and I loaded up extra tools and gear in my standard “on me all the time” carry instead of in the tool bag I take to such jobs.

I thought about it, and I’m not disappointed in myself or my choice. 🙂

Since I rarely work out of a tool bag, but out of pockets most of the time, I couldn’t really cheat and call this sepperately carried/used “work tools/equiptment”– Its deffinatelly my on person all day EDC for today, and probably the rest of the week.

A challenge is OK, but its still a choice, an exercise for fun. When it comes to being efficient at work, that over rules the Just For Fun stuff. Especially a paid job, on the clock… I can test my needs and limit my used items on my projects and “work”, but not on someone elses’ dime/dollar, where something else to have with me/on me all day, and changing those items day to day, will make things easier and faster.


Still, I went almost exactly two weeks, 13 days ain’t too shabby IMO! 🙂
Not sure if ‘m going to go ahead and try it again for January or not. Might wait and see what work does to me, what going on, and maybe go for it for Feb again like last time. Make it a yearly thing maybe. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “End of December EDC test report.

  1. Weston

    Yeah, that makes sense.

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