Sorting out for the new year..

Well, sort of… more of a every other month sorting. Am cleaning up and sort my current EDC shelves in the den again… Every few months they progress from “currently in use and current rotation” to “everything I own plus the kitchen sink”. 😉  




Everything here is off of that second shelf from the top… OK, so I have a few knives… There are only 41 here, not many..   Plus lights and multi tools. This is not counting my current EDC that is stored on another shelf. This is JUST what was on that one shelf that I keep my “currently available for rotation” knives, tools, and lights on.




What I sorted down to for the next couple months;




Actually, three of those in that ^^^^^^^^^^^^ picture also got moved to storage as well, the Rough Rider hunter, the blue Flip-It knife on the right, and the Remington 1985 Bullet Moose… I had just left them out for pics and they got put in to that shot by mistake.



The rest got moved back to my main storage chest in the bedroom.

One shelf down, only three to go!

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One thought on “Sorting out for the new year..

  1. Weston

    “Can’t have too many tools.” – A message from the ‘Knives are tools too’ (Katt) club.

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