Anyone seen a blue razor knife wandering around by itself?

So… has anyone seen my Kobalt razor knife running around? :unsure::rolleyes:

I’ve lost it. Maybe just misplaced it… (is there really a difference?)
I get the real strong feeling I put it somewhere specific as a backup knife, within the last 3 or 4 months. Just don’t know where, and everywhere I can think to look, wasn’t it! :nah_disagree:

Been trying to clean up and sort my current EDC shelves in the den again… Every few months they progress from “currently in use and current rotation” to “everything I own plus the kitchen sink”. ;)

Thats the only item I’m missing so far. Its cheap to replace, but I’d hate to, its been a faithful friend since the spring of 2011 when I bought it for a job, when I was working full time. Lots of memories, lots of adventures….


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2 thoughts on “Anyone seen a blue razor knife wandering around by itself?

  1. Weston


  2. Weston

    Haven’t seen it, but if it walks by, I’ll let you know. !cool!

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