Favorite Slipjoints…..

Circle C Bluegrass bone TrueSharp SS Case Peanut… Its been a constant companion, I’d say not carried for maybe only a month total in the last ~8 years, it was even my only carried knife for about a year… Hands down, without a doubt my top favorite!



(can’t beat the classics, A Case peanut, a Missouri Meerscham corn cob, and CCR on Vinyl!)

My next favorite is a bit different, one I’ve had almost as long as the other, almost ~7 years, but had only carried more than once or twice a year until this last summer… Now it gets a Lot of carry and use!  1 of 6 hand built prototype Folding Hunter, Stag and 154CM, by Amherst Cutlery.


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2 thoughts on “Favorite Slipjoints…..

  1. Weston

    Nothing like a good knife.

    • Oh, I dunno about that, I’d really like move “good Knife” down the alphabet a ways and have a “good Wife” instead 😉

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