So, a couple weeks ago I got a new tool…

It was one of these little one piece pocket pry bar/multi tools that are all the rage right now… Figured why not, I’d give it a try again(I’d tried the pocket pry bar thing before and never found a use for them) and see. @ $10 for a cheaper imported model, I wasn’t losing much. 

Turned out to be one of my most used tools for a week of renovation work I did!

So, a friend on the forums that is Really into these things, and also carries and uses some of the spendier jigh quality models saw that, and (evidentally) decided I needed a better quality tool… And one with some features I’d talked about wanting on one; wrench cut outs…

He sent me this little beauty, I got it in the mail tonight… total surprise, didn’t know it was comming!

(well, OK, I had a slight idea after something he said, and knew that it was the kinda thing the guy would do… He’s cool like that! But never expected he’d do it to me! I chalked it up to wishful thinking on my part ;)… )

Saw the package in the mail box with his TX return addy and you could have knocked me over with a feather!

(black one is the cheaper imported steel model I got a couple weeks ago)







If my suspissions are correct, this thing is worth substantially more that what the one I got cost… and I think its made of Titanium too, THE popular high end tool metal these days… (I think so anyway…I’ve never actually hand;ed anything made of Ti, but its hard, light and non magnetic… gotta be Ti!)  Will post later when I find out what this thing is called, who its made by. 🙂


So…. less than 24 hours into my dedicated carry set/end of December carry trial, and I;m changing the line up already! (heck, I think its less than 12 hours…) I’m adding this sucker into the setup!

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One thought on “So, a couple weeks ago I got a new tool…

  1. Weston Howard

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….. New tools, gotta love that!

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