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2 thoughts on “Testing

  1. Weston

    “The following is a test of the 1MC from the bridge, manuvering respond on the 7MC.”
    “Brige, manuvering, aye.”
    “The following is a test of the collision alarm from the bridge, disregard.”
    “Manuvering, bridge, test 7MC.”
    “Brige, manuvering, aye.”
    “Control, bridge, test 27MC.”
    “Bridge, control, aye.”
    “Control, bridge, JA.”
    “Bridge, this is control.”
    “JA test sat.”
    “Control, bridge, Officer of the Deck, JA.”
    “Officer of the Deck.”
    “I am ready to relieve you……”
    -Testing bridge box connections after surfacing a fast attack nuclear submarine.

    • Hey, cool! And you still remember that almost 6 years(Man, do you believe its been that long??) after you got out! Maybe your not getting as old and senile as we thought you were :p

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