Late December Carry.

So, whatever I outfit with for tomorrow, for Sunday Dec. 14th, 2014, will be it for a while. Stay tuned folks, pics to follow soon!


Here we go!


Went with useful, trusted favorites and mostly sentimental items… Fits the season I think. 😉

Which is;

  • a trusted friend and custom item, the i3S Olight neck light with a gifted item, the AK Adventurer brass tag.
  • The other light, Rofis JR10 because its trusted, and also was a Christmas pressent on EDCF 2 years ago.
  • Amherst elephant ivory canoe becasue its classy and doesn’t get much use or carry.
  • Field Notes, my new favorite notebooks,
  • pen ’cause it works and has survived a while(and I couldn’t find my Zebra!)
  • Main knife is a special favorite, was my first Case knife, its an old mod of mine(removed the liner lock), is a remembrance of a trade on another forum at Christmas, and it came from a really cool guy that I am sorry to say has passed away now, and its been my dedicated Christmas knife for about 7 years.
  • New little pry bar because its handy!
  • money clip is my favorite and a remembrance of a trip a few years ago with a friend(Hey Weston!)
  • The 1951 Zippo also a remembrance, of Dad.
  • Another old friend, my Victorinox Spirit Multi
  • The  bandanna will probably change depending on whats clean or not…
  • Watch will change depending on activities… 
  • And yeah, I forgot the phone again.
  • Comb is handy for us shaggy guys, and it was also a gift from Mom several years back.
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One thought on “Late December Carry.

  1. Weston

    What? No kitchen sink? Just kidding, looks like you’ll be well prepared.

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