Currious again… Daily carry cost.

I know I’ve done this since this list that I found, but this is a good comparison too, from one year ago this week;

For this last week;

pen-Zebra ball point $5?
pad-Field Notes Ambition, graph 3×5 ~$10
phone-Pantech 520 $100
Watch-Citizen Eco drive Diver Gift from a friend, probably $150 if I had to get a new one like it..
Alaska mint money clip $70
–Leatherman Wingman custom, $30 roughly, without mod parts costs…
–EDC tools off brand pocket pry bar $10
–Jetbeam BC10 $40ish
–Custom Olight i3S EOS $30
lighter- Dads 1951 Zippo- ireplaceable but a new chrome one would be about $20
–Case peanut $45,
–Amherst Large hunter– Ireplaceable, but was $300 new, similar custom would be the same or more.
–mechanix work gloves $25
–insulated leather work gloves $20
–Mad Bomber Rabbit Fur hat $60
–Korkers Snow Jack boots, $200
–Belt– plain leather $40, Tandy black canyon buckle, $15.
–Duluth Trading long tail long sleeve turtleneck T $25
–King Size flannel shirt $20
–Wrangler jeans $20
–King Size quilted lined flannel shirt jack $40


Hmm. Up $38 over last year aint too bad! ;)

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One thought on “Currious again… Daily carry cost.

  1. Weston

    Chalk it up to inflation!

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