What is your deffinition of EDC?

A question asked recently on a forum, and I think my answer should also be on this site…

Generally I consider(and explain) my EDC as whatever I carry on me on any given day, to do what I need to do.

I consider it(my EDC) as the things I carry independant of the days work or task.
Even if it gets tailored to the days tasks. IE, I EDC a knife, but what specific knife may change from day to day.

Sometimes I use the term EDC, sometimes just “carry”, sometimes “Gear”.

Thats the simple answer.

The complex answer;

My life is a constant flux of different things, so the E D part isn’t directly applicable in the way it is for a lot of you, IE I can’t usually carry the same things Every day; day in and day out, I need different things for different days… But I do carry Something Every day.

As I said, I generally consider just the things Only on my person, to be it. The items able to be on my person 90% of the time… So that I can have it and use of it at a moments notice at any given average moment..

And more strictly; It is in my basic dress layer of clothes; IE not counting coats, bags etc as part of it. Although in the winter I am in a coat 99% of the time, so I tend to count whats in those pockets(usually just a re-arrangement of the same items as without the coat, for better access)

Because of the constant flux of my life, I hardly ever know where or when I will be going, or by what means. Coats, bags or permanently packed contents of a vehicle don’t tend to count to me, because depending on job, location, travel means etc, I can be sepperated from them at any given time, or not need to have them along at all on any given day…

((I almost Never carry a bag becasue it doesn’t work for me at all, so thats a null point here… ))

There are things that are EDC of my truck, so I have it if I need it IF I have the truck… But its the Carry of my truck, its not what I’d consider My EDC.

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  1. Weston

    Sums it up for me!

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