EDC from Dec 2nd to 8th 2014

Worked a construction job all week, along with dealing with a small blizzard, and plowing snow afterwards… And helping a friend get moved into his new house… Very busy week.

The whole setup;






Most used items; I think at any given moment of the day this week I was useing at least one of these items…



One day working outside all day I did carry my Cryo for easy of gloved hand operation, and it got a fair bit of messy work too, it got covered in ATF… And that day plowing I wore my Eco Drive Chrongraph to time plowing operations, insteat of the Seiko I wore working, but otherwise it was all the same all week. 

OH, Ahh actually moving day Saturday and to church yesterday I wore the Eco Drive Diver… and I hade BOTH the Gerber EAB razor knife AND my Cryo for moving day. Nothing else changed though for those days.

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One thought on “EDC from Dec 2nd to 8th 2014

  1. Weston

    Nothing like having the “right tools” for the job.

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