Another tool workout…

Took these for fun a few nights ago when I was under my truck in the yard, in the snow, taking my tire chains off so I could take the truck to town early the next morning…






Leatherman Wingman and Nightcore MH25 Night Blade. (yes, the official name of the light is Night Blade 😀 )

That light is my serrious work or emergency night work light, with a good size and over 800 lumens on high(and I only had to have it on medium both days I used it last week, at around 400) it can light up a Huge area like daylight. Only about the 3rd  day I’ve ever had to use it for work, or really use it at all since I got it in the fall of ’13 but it sure is great to have when I do need it!  One of my more expensive pieces, but even at close to $70 its already paid for itself at least once. 

Wingman got used that night to un twist the bailing wire that holds the chain tail tied up from beating my brake lines and fenders to death. Also go used as a hammer to break ice off the chains and latches so I could undo them. Gotta love Durrable tools 😉

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One thought on “Another tool workout…

  1. Weston

    “Gotta love Durrable tools ;)” – So true.

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