6 months/1 year comparison.

Got curious what I was carrying 6 months ago, compared to today, closest I could get was May 22nd..

Pocket EDC yesterday(5-22-14);


Eeee gads! I’m up to 3 knives… Hmm.


And then I wondered about what it was a year ago, but the closest I could get to one year ago was Nov 23rd 2013…

First excursion out today I forgot to grab a main knife, and a multi.


Second excursion I remedied it with the CRKT Nirk Novo, and LM Skeletool. :D


So, today;


Some deffinate similarities to a year ago, but not so much to 6 months ago. A couple days ago was closer to the 6 months ago set;


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2 thoughts on “6 months/1 year comparison.

  1. Weston

    Well, if it ain’t broke, don’t change it, er, uh, something like that….

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