11-16-14 Light EDC.

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2 thoughts on “11-16-14 Light EDC.

  1. Weston

    Guess you don’t need all the hardware for Sunday services….

    • Not exactly… On average thats right, but I have in the past used the full kit at church, on a Sunday… Its like any other place, stuff happens and ya never know what you might need or what might be handy…

      I play the average though and go with smaller and lighter on some Sundays because its more comfortable in pocket for the long times sitting. At church 2 or 3 hours total, and where ever I end up for the afternoon is usually 3 or 4 hours sitting around at someones house.

      The same thing applies there, you never know what can happen, but at other people houses ya can Generally rely on them to have whats needed to fix anything that might come up… Usually.

      The catch is I then still have the ~50 miles round trip drive where anything that can happen any other day can still happen.. And then I’m not as optimally prepared as usual. That has come back and gotten me a couple times where if I had the full size kit I usually carry, the days events would have gone by/been fixed 400% faster and easier…

      But yeah, about half the time I play the average in favor of comfort on Sundays.

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