Action plate added to Model 25

As far as I can tell, this problem wasn’t a error in my build, its a flaw in the original action design… With not enough cartridges in the magazine to have positive spring pressure on them, there is no pressure on the cartridge stop, and it swings free.. if it swings far enough, like if the gun is turned on its left side, the tail swings out too far and lets the inner end drop too far in its channel, preventing the action bar from sliding. And jamming the action.  

So with 2 rounds or less in the gun,(one chambered, one in the mag) or any time there is just one round or less in the mag there is no spring pressure on the stop, and it swings free…  Fully loaded its fine and can’t jam up.  But if your not holding the gun just right, the last round won’t cycle to chamber…

Its easy to fix when it happens, just turn the gun right side down so the stop gravity drops into place, or reach up and press it in with my trigger finger(easy since I shoot left handed, would be a pain for righties). Easy to fix, but it’d get old reeeeaaaallly fast if you were emptying the gun FAST eother for fun shooting, or at a threat…  Although it would tell you instantly your down to one round… but it’d still be a P!TA IMO.

So, I drilled and tapped a couple holes, and added an over travel stop plate over the cartridge stop tail to prevent it from swinging past flush on the receiver, and jamming the action. Now it cant jam and prevent the last round from cycling/chambering.

Brass because its easy to work with and generally looks nice 😉

Need to get a couple different screws eventually that have a lower profile head… but these work fine.

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One thought on “Action plate added to Model 25

  1. Weston

    Now that’s more like it!

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