Revolving Carbine Pt3 (purpose for locking hinge)

So, that hinge came about for this rifle…

I fit the forestock(roughly…) to the barrel, and around the ejector housing. I wanted it fit back against the frame and around the housing, instead of out past the housing leaving a big gap…

Please ignore the temporary mounting hardware :p










Yes I know that channel is pretty rough… I free handed it in first with chissels, then the router… At that point the other fittment around the ejector and actually the original fit to the barrel was pretty bad anyway, I knew I needed a new stock piece… But I could keep going and fit this one as a proof of concept.


SO, the only real problem with this is that it puts the handle for the ejector right in the middle of the place you need to put your hand on the stock to shoot… Even with a low profile handle, its gonna be a lump in your grip.



Test handle…



So, what if it were to fold out of the way?





And thus started the designing of that hinge!  Yes, its a folding, recessed, locking extended ejector handle!


 The rod itself took about 6 tries to get the right size of rod, length, and all the bends in place an right, at the right lengths… And then threaded on the end.



In position to be used;












(with the spring removed. The srping pressure cams it open, so at this point it has to be held down/folded.)





So, in the final version, it will fold dow the oposite direction toward the muzzle, into a recess fit to the final handle/knob shape, with a latch to keep it folded… (yes, another mechanism to design and build!)  And the chanel for use will be a T shape, as slim/small as possible, the main chanel about 3/16” wide to just clear the lock collar sleeves travel stop(last piece under the hinge on the end of the rod) that will be turned down to that dia.

Then the top cross of the “T” shape will be the width of the knurled stop collar. (and that collar will end us as narrow as I can get it, but still be able to grip good to use.)   Plus with a slightly fatter, more contoured forestock that will sit a little higher, it will fold down completely recessed.


Ejector in use;




Overall shot, so far;





As a side note, you will also notice the frame mounted rear peep sight, previously designed for my Win94… And only slightly moddified to mount on here, I might add… It will still mount on the 94!




Proposed front sight;



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2 thoughts on “Revolving Carbine Pt3 (purpose for locking hinge)

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  2. Weston

    Wow! It looks like it’s really gonna come together, I like the folding idea, too. You could also make it a “pump” action ejector, but that may make it more difficult to handle.

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