Remington 25 Misc. fitting Pt`2.

Small 25-20 rifle update… Front sight installed!




When I ordered this thing I had no idea what it came off of, and I also more importantly had no idea of the radius of the contour on the bottom… IE, what dia barrel it would fit, or if it fit a tapered barrel or a straight contour..  I figured it would probably be close enough to work. Later after ordering I hoped it would at least be close enough that I could shape a 1/16” steel space to fit it, and the bottom to fit the barrel..

I got lucky!



It fits it 99% perfectly!!


Also, the dovetail for the sight post was a little loose for the post I scavenged off the 218 Bee barrel… A little work with a ball pein hammer tightened it up nice.  The post is a touch too wide for the ramp, but it works! (better too wide than too narrow…) Once I get it sighted in and peened to hold it in place, I’ll grind the sides flush for a nice clean fit.    The sight hood off the other barrel even fits it! (needs a little tweeking, but it will deff work on there) 









SO… I started out to mount it with screws… But didn’t have any the right length. Shortening one woulda been easy… Lengthening the other… a little harder. It would have been OK, but that coupled with my problem of the HSS drill bits I have not being stiff enough to not flex when drilling a curved surface… I didn’t want to have to re-weld and re-drill these holes in the barrel…  So while I was tack welding the sight to the barrel to make it 100% solid as a drilling guide I decide to heck with it and just tacked it in several places.. 😉


That ramp is now permanently mounted. 😀

It ain’t super purty, but it works!






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2 thoughts on “Remington 25 Misc. fitting Pt`2.

  1. Weston

    Nice work! Looks great, and I think the tac welds will hold better than screws in the long run!

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