Working on the M25 stock pt2


After the hand sanding;



After two coats of true oil, and buffing out with some textured leather(didn’t have any steel wool);

It actually looks better, and more even in person… the cameral flash is playing tricks with the finish.






The forestock blank that came with it;

It needed trimmed for length, and the top opening for the barrel cut. Also the 2 dia stepped hole through the center needed oepened up some.  You can see some of the curl in the grain here, it was actually a pretty decently figured piece of walnut;



I opened up the holes as best I could, and cut it down, then figured a way to easily cut the open top into the inner channel…. Ripping saw on an angle, at measured marks for the barrel taper.  Worked great;







Except I missed. The outer dimention I measure and cut on should have been my Inner dimension… So its the right contour to fit the barrel, just Waaayyyy too wide.  Ironically it fits the .32 cal barrel O got perfectly, but still too deep, without enough room under the barrel for the mag tube.

Ah well, can’t win them all. And its not like I lost much, it didn’t fit before, and that hasn’t changed! 😉

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One thought on “Working on the M25 stock pt2

  1. Weston

    Bummer, but hey, it’s a learning experience. Did I mention that I draw stick people?

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