Working on the M25 stock pt1

Taking out the rasp marks, and removing 20+ years of dirt, oil, and oxidation. 80 then 100 grit powered, then 120 grit by hand.

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2 thoughts on “Working on the M25 stock pt1

  1. Weston

    Do you plan to stain it?

    • Yes and no… I just got done with the second coat of Tru-Oil, a gunstock oil finish… 🙂 It seals and protects, and while it isn’t a stain it does tend to darken woods. Looks really good I think, it got darker, but not really a color change, just pulled out the walnuts natural tones.. ITs actually a pretty nice piece of wood, not as plain as I though when i got it, its got some nice curl and grain variations to it. Pics will be up later… Or I might do a wax finish for a little more sheen first, then put up pics…


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