Remington 25 action fitting and tuning, Final Part 2.

Last night I spent another 11 hours in the shop working on it.. Figured out what was needed to fix the feeding and tried it. Welded on the action lugs that engage the two pieces, the re-filed/ground them to fit, to tighten it up. Had a perfect alignment of bolt and action block, fixing the timing…

Problem then was it was too tight and wouldn’t allow the bolt to go into full batery/lock up. Fitting it so it could close up put me back where I started with the other fit… It did leave it a tad tighter though.

After that I Welded on the bolt face, creating and shaping cartridge guides from scratch. Got it the first time, perfect! Fed smooth as glass, fast lock up etc… Except the action locking closed for firing, I had added enough material in both welding and fittings to space the action back about 1/8″ (0.155″ actually). Re fit the bolt face as close as I could get it to the barrel(actually a touch tighter than it started since I trimmed the extractor back too…), but it still had to go foreward. I cheated and trimmed the action catch for the lock, and extended some other grooves for the cartridge stop to ride in…

That got me Absolute Perfection!!! Smooth feed, solid lock up, ejection, etc… YAAAYYYY!!!!

About an hour later while working the action durring some cosmetic work on the stocks, I got a loud CLICK, then a CHUNK, the the action jammed. Then dropped a chunk of metal.  EEEK!


Snapped off the new cartridge guide I’d just welded up on the bolt face… CRAP

Had a heavy metal grain to the broken edges… Hard brittle metal. I had thought about, and knew I needed to anneal/temper the welded areas before working the action much or subjecting it to recoil… Just forgot to do it! UGH,

So, out came the welder, Dremmel and files again, and I re-did the previous work on the bolt face. Was harder to fit the second time around, and its not as glassy perfect this time but its darned close! Took half the time to do it too… And i left it a bit beefier where it broke before, just in case.

And this time after I was sure of the fit, I fired up the oxy/acyt torch and proceeded to heat the whole thing through the colors; straw,(500F knife temper) Gold brown(650F softer knife temper) blue/purple(700F to 800F weak spring temper) to greyish light blue((950F ish… no useful temper, not dead soft annealing, but pretty soft) And let it slow cool to room temp. Will see how it works out this time.

So barring that breaking again, thats it for function! I’m down to finishing the stock, mounting sights and doing some bluing. I even got the mag tube band tack welded to the barrel wile I was at it..

I’ll throw some pics of some of this stuff up here soon, so you guys can have a better idea of What The Heck I’m talking about with the action fitting.

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One thought on “Remington 25 action fitting and tuning, Final Part 2.

  1. Weston

    I hate having to do re-work, but in this case, it sounds like it turned out pretty good!

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