Remington 25 action fitting and tuning, Final Part 1.


  • make a bushing for the new stock mount screw Bought one that will work.
  • install bushing for the new stock mount screw,
  • Finish fitting, shaping and finishing the stock.— Bought stock finish(Tru-Oil)
  • make/fit a buttplate for the stock,
  • make a safety cross bolt,Bought parts!
  • make a mag tube hanger,Bought parts!
  • make and fit a cartridge stop(that will be the Really hard part to make and time correctly to the action!), Bought parts!
  • make inserts/fillers to take the screws in the fore stock/plug the over sized holes.
  • make a front sight ramp. Bought a used one on the ‘bay!
  • make a front sight blade. Took the one out of the soldered on ramp on the .218 Bee barrel on the other receiver.
  • Install sight ramp and blade.
  • Install sling swivels.
  • new blueing… haven’t decided yet on what I want to do there. Bought a bottle of cold blue.

I was going through Numrichs site again looking for a front sight for it, without any luck… But did notice that this time they now have the other parts I need! :Juggle::bundle-of-joy_throwvertical::dance:

So, I ordered the cartridge stop, safety parts, new firing pin(one I have is broken in two but still works), mag tube hanger… No, you don’t want to know what this hand full of parts cost me.

They came in Monday. :D

Safety fitting was easy, although re-assembling the hammer mech took 3 tries ;)
I now realize the dovetail on the barrel for the mag tube ring is no longer a dovetail… Will need to find another way to mount it. (thinking of tack welding it lightly :D )

So, up to this point I had the rifle functioning pretty darn good, feeding getting better and better. Then I fit the cartridge stop. :frantic: It modifies the resistance of the action and timing of a lot of it.

  1. So I went from a repeater that didn’t repeat that would cycle and feed a single round,
  2. to a repeater that has a working magazine, that would sorta cycle.
  3. Then to a repeater that wouldn’t cycle and would even jam up tight Without ammo in it.
  4. Then to a gun that wouldn’t cycle OR feed from the mag, but didn’t jam when empty…
  5. back to working mag, no empty jam, and a fair/random cycle/feed.
  6. And now back to a repeater(working Mag) that won’t cycle/feed at all…

1 to 3 was fitting the cartridge stop, mag spring, and follower tension and timing…

4 was taking metal off the trailing end of that new cartridge stop to remedy the binding up, then taking too much and rendering the function as it was when the part wasn’t there… :oops::rolleyes:

5 was welding metal back onto the cartridge stop, and them re-fitting it. And fitting a large stop ring to the mag follower(it was slipping under the cartridge stop with no round in front of it and dragging/jamming)

6 was taking too much metal off the bolt face to clearance the timing/feed issue; Which worked great actually, now the case slides up that face perfectly. It just doesn’t provide enough drag to slow the travel and allow the nose of the cartridge to come up, so it flips the round vertical and jams it between the bolt and the barrel… :cry::banghead:

At this point I am down to welding material back onto the bolt face amd re-fitting it from scratch, and adding metal to the bolt lugs that engage the action bar, to fix the slop in the timing(really wish I’d thought of that Before I took too much metal off the bolt face! :nah_disagree: )

I have discovered Gunsmithing/re-building an action is NOT for the faint of heart.
But I’m still enjoying it.
Mostly. 😉

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  1. Weston

    Where do you get all those emoticon minions? Seriously, you have an arsenal of them…… 🙂

    • Ha, well, actually those I cheated on, I typed that up and posted it on the forums Tuesday… Those little suckers are from the forum, and actually I am hot linking to them there(really shouldn’t be). I was too lazy to go through and edit them out when I copied/pasted the post..


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