New stuff and Mondays’ carry

Well, not all of the carry, just what got massive amounts of use; knife for several packages that came, and the light and multi got used while working on that pump action rifle for 5 or 6 hours…




A friend on the forums was teasing me the other day, that I need to get a good shoulder holster for my revolvers(not the first time, we’d talked about shoulder holsters once before and he knew I wanted a good one) Lo and behold, he had a purpose to the tease… One showed up in the mail from him yesterday! 




And some goodies with it too;

 like three altoids gum tins(handy little buggers), two sweet snus tins(compact, tight lid and a water tight seal!) And a pair of knipex pliers(something I’ve wanted for a while but couldn’t justify $50+ for a small set of pliers… these suckers are high end and high quality) And a Vise Grip multi tool(a pretty rare tool, they’re out of production and kinda hard to find these days— this one is old enough that its from when the Vise Grip brand was still made in USA)

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One thought on “New stuff and Mondays’ carry

  1. Weston

    I agree, shoulder holsters and revolvers are like peanut butter and chocolate.

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