New skinner sight for the 94 trapper


I didn’t like the way the sight I made for the rifle ended up sitting. High, and too far back.

Skinner makes a sight for this rifle, but I don’t like the mount, it sits far too high. So, I bought one of his other sight models with a good mount hole spacing(made for the Marlin 336) and drilled/tapped the rifles bolt top for it. 😀




I ordered brand new HSS drills and the proper 8–40 gun thread taps for this, but the Fracking drill wondered on the first hole and ended up offset from the PERFECT center I had marked and center punched….  While drilling the second hole in line with it, to have both offset the same from center; it wondered the other way….(Grrrr) So its on there a bit crooked. Not enough to ever bother function, and honestly if your not looking for it your probably not gonna notice it.  If it gets to bugging me, I’ll look at welding the holes up and re-drilling it.  Any more gun drilling I need to do I’m just ordering the solid carbide drills and being done with it; HSS bit $5; Carbide bit $15; Having the holes in the place you intended them to be the First time? PRICELESS!!






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One thought on “New skinner sight for the 94 trapper

  1. Weston

    Sits on there pretty nice!

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