Remington M25 test fired

After more a few weeks of fiddling, learning, fitting, endless disassembly and reassembly, and a bit of frustration I was able to finally figure out exactly what was wrong with this rifle and why it wouldn’t cycle/feed.

Don’t worry, I’ll do a detailed post on all of that later….  Its complicated, but easy to explain in person… But to explain,in text will be hard. And will take lots of pics. Gonna take writing several drafts before I can post something coherant and understandable in text form.  

The main point right now though is that after another week of work, and trying several solutions, I found one! 

The gun now cycles 90% flawlessly, and WILL cycle every time 100% of the time, even if it does hang up a little some times!  

So, I did a preliminary fitting of the stock, (involving drilling and tapping new holes in the sucker since the stock isn’t quite right for this gun anymore, after i messed up some of the inletting… ). Cleaned the snot(more accurately Rust, and lots of it!) out of the barrel bore, improvised some parts(like a hose clamp as a mag tube hanger), stole the rear sight off of a the Win94 .45 colt,  Loaded one round, and fired it into the wood pile. 

After checking that I was still alive, having all my fingers and face intact, and there weren’t any new holes in the gun; SO far so good!

 I reloaded and fired another 4 rounds… Shoots good! pretty darned accurate too for having no front sight  

 It is still only a single shot since I do need to make a cartridge stop for it so it will feed without over loading the action and jamming. Well, OK, its a 2 shot, or maybe call it 1+1… if you chamber one round, you can then put another in the mag, and it will cycle that round in fine without jamming. Any more in the tube and it jams up.

The proof; fired brass!





The rifle as it is now;




Top do list items are;

Finish fitting, shaping and finishing the stock.

 make a safety cross bolt,

 make a mag tube hanger,

make and fit a cartridge stop(that will be the Really hard part to make and time correctly to the action!),

 make/fit a butplate for the stock, 

make/fit a bushing for the new stock mount screw,

 make inserts/fillers to take the screws in the fore stock/plug the over sized holes.

 make/fit a front sight ramp and blade.

Install sling swivels.

Have loads of fun shootin it!

Eventual plans include a new steel finish, possible new blueing… haven’t decided yet on what I want to do there.

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2 thoughts on “Remington M25 test fired

  1. Weston

    If you have to use your fingers to count, are you sure you counted all of your fingers? 🙂

  2. Weston

    Looks great!

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