My first customized rifle.

Blast from the past, circa November 2006. Built for the SuperStock clasification of rifle mods on

And I quote;


“”” I belive this fits the “rules” of SS, as I’m useing *almost* all factory parts, just mixing and matching from different variants of the model.

Anyway, this started off as a stock modification to add an ammo box in the but-stock…. Worked great untill the cheap(dead soft) wood started to split out. 

I got a new factory black laminated stock(Gorgeous!). Polished the action(all major matting surfaces, and a couple minor ones). Jeweled the bolt, as per some info here. Buffed the charge handle. Put my original gold trigger in the new guard that came on the stock.  




future plans include a longer, custom charge handle, along with williams fiber-optic sights. Original idea was a “scout rifle” forward mounted scope, but I’m not sure now.

I might re-jewel the bolt, not sure yet. Also looking for one of the older metal trigger guards to modify and use.

The list goes on…and on…and on….  

Doing a trigger job later today.  its a little rough now.

If it ever comes above -20F I can go and test fire the action/triger job….

Later folks,

Gary “””



One big point here is that marlin never sold the blued action in the synthetic laminate stock… Its a unique look for this rifle. Plus the polishing and jeweling, and I did fit a metal trigger guard to it too;



DId this a couple weeks ago, but I’m just now getting back to posting on all the forums I frequent.

I got a old aluminum trigger guard off the ‘bay. Polished it up, that coating was hard! Wasn’t just anodized like I thought it would be.

The older guards, had that stock re-inforcing screw(never understood that idea) going through a second lug on it. Instead of going to the trouble to inlet it into the stock, I just took the guard to the bandsaw and sander. Cut a notch for the bolt hold release while I was at it. I’ll be making a ruber bushing to take up the space around the screw “lug” thats too narrow.

I also switched out the new silver safety from the silver plastic guard, and the brass trigger that I had from the original. Had to lathe the safety a bit for it to fit in the guard. The older safety is the same diameter on both ends. the new ones are bigger on one end.

The things left on my to-do list; Fiber optic sights. Two short sections of rail, one on the stock for a bi-pod, and the other custom fit to the barrel for a forward mounted scope. I’m also looking at mounting a 18″ barrel from a Glenfield(marlin) model 75, to make it a carbine. 



And my test shooting then;




I got out for about 15 min. in -30…. After loading the thing, I couldn’t feel either hand. (forgot my gloves  ) Warmed my hands a bit and limbered them by shooting 12 rounds of .45 colt handloads I’ve needed to test. in my new revolver. 

I shot (1) group, of 6 shots, first from the bench, soported by my off hand. bottom right on the target…. next 2 groups were 5 shots each, the one above the 1st, and the one at the bottom left…. my best group was the top most, left one, done last…. from standing offhand. 28 to 30 yards, paced off. I figure pretty good considering the cold, semi-dark, and did I mention the COLD… 

Not exactly the target for shooting groups, but I wanted to see how consistent my hold/re-centering is. I’ll try 1 or 2 shots per squirrel next time.

Scared the heck out of me, better shots off-hand than at the bench…. 

This new stock is a bit heavier than the old one was, it seemed more “solid” shooting off-hand. The action was smoother than it used to be, seemed to be less “clank” to the recoil. 

I’m liking the stock trigger, I think I’ll just take it down and polish the hammer/sear engagement a bit, and try a weaker trigger spring. The pre and over travel are OK for now.

Gary  ”””



Now, if only I could find that sling again! Its around here somewhere but i haven’t seen it in ages… That was a Christmas present from my Dad(or both parents… can’t remember for sure) one year, for that rifle… I’d really like to have it to put on one of the Winchesters now.


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  1. Weston

    That is a pretty nice sling!

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