My first custom revolver.

And so far my Only custom revolver actually!

Circa spring of 2007.

“””been slow for projects lately, so I’m back to that EAA .22mag revolver I’m modifying.

I’ve always liked the birds head grip shape better than the traditional “plough handle” style. Fits my hand better, easier for me to aim and shoot.


did some drawing and designing based on the grips on a .45 I have, and came to what I wanted;

Got a strip of 3/16″ 1095 carbon steel cut and ground to the width of the original back strap of the grip, and then forged to shape, checking it to a patter I had drawn out. (never lay a red hot item on the paper pattern to check the shape…   )

It came out with just a couple small surface ripples, from curves I made and then had to straighten later, left small humps in the big curve that can be ground out. I cut the top mount area off the original piece and half laped a joint with the new piece, I’ll pin it later after the final finish work.

Before; (the bottom one   )







It came out a bit longer than the original, so the re-cut wood pannels are slightly short. Mis-matched for color since they were the ones on hand in the shop, at the time. I’m trying to find another fancy wood, that I like, in a big enough piece to do ones that fit. The different colors are growing on me, it adds character…. too bad they don’t fit perfectly.

This is the first in a series of mods to this gun, going to shorten the barrel(and ejector housing) to 3.5″, cut the barrel to a semi-hexagon, re-blueing the steel parts.

Also a re-chambering of a second cylender I have to a wildcat .22 centerfire round I’m developing… but thats off topic on this site….   “””

I’m extremely happy with the way this came out, especialy on the first try….



I did actually get around to cutting the barrel and ejector down to 3.5”, and re-crowning it. And drilled/tapped the barrel end for a new front sight… Never did get a sight installed other than a stub of a bolt with a point on top of it.(works well enough). I also ruined the ejector housing and rod in cutting it down so its without a ejector right now… Might fix that someday.

No rush though since its a .22 Mag only gun,(gun was the display model when bought and the .22LR cylinder was “dry fired to death” according to the manufacturer. They tried to fix it once, and cleaned up that cylinder, but it still won’t time right.) That ammo is rarer than horse feathers… Wouldn’t help any if it was still .22LR either, thats still rarer than hens teeth here! 


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2 thoughts on “My first custom revolver.

  1. Weston

    Yeah, it’s always too bad when people dry fire guns at stores before they buy them.

    • Oh, I don’t think theres anything wrong with dry firing a display model… I do it myself, otherwise you have No idea of the trigger pull/breaking force, and how the action feels at that point. Whats wrong is a store being so greedy that they are selling that particular gun! When it comes down to none in the store room, its “out of Stock” not, “well we do have this one in the case, give them that one”

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