New scope for Win94 30-30 came in…


Figured if I was going to build a forward mounted scout scope rail for my Win94 30–30, I might as well actually have a scope to put on it… So I ordered this sucker. Its a cheapy. Really Cheap. A non scout/regular fair quality entry level scope runs about $100 minimum… Long eye relief scout/pistol scopes in entry level quality/cost run about $150 if your lucky. I paid $45 shipped, rings included. 😀   

I figured what the heck, why not, for trying the theory of a scout scope, and for range use it couldn’t hurt to get a cheapy… If I like the concept after using it, I’ll save up for something higher end for hunting. Who knows, this sucker might survive for a while, and turn out to be solid enough I’d trust it hunting… we shall see!

Its 2–7×32, with about 13” of eye relief.  Its also Super Clear, and stays clear at all magnifications! (from what I’ve read cheap scopes tend not to stay clear as you magnify… even some in the $100 range!!)  Feels pretty solid too. 




Pulled the rear sight from the Trapper, and installed the dovetail blank that will provide the forward mount base. Since this gun is already tapped at the receiver for mounts, I’ll fit the custom rail to it, then use the rail as a pattern to drill and tap the 30–30 gun to an exact fit.



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One thought on “New scope for Win94 30-30 came in…

  1. Weston

    Wow, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re becoming a gunsmith!

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