Cross bolt safety removed from Win 94 Trapper

Also, finished a mod to that Win94 trapper, removal of the stupid cross bolt safety. 

Why?  because 20 years of using a pre safety 94 means its really annoying having to remember press that thing off, and its UGLY on there if you just leave it in the fire position all the time. 

Getting the safety out was FUN, its not held in like all the internet says, with a cross pin hole that can be pressed through to remove the detent ball and spring… this safety is either a transition/odd model, or it missed being drilled to access that pin during assembly. I’m leaning toward the later, since all of the parts and arrangements are as they are soposed to be except that cross bolt not being drilled… And the fact that no-one else as ever posted on the many, many lever gun forums saying they couldn’t get their safety out like its soposed to come out… There are a Lot of people modifying these, so This one has to be unique, or one of very few like this.


After taking it out, your left with those two gapping holes on the sides of the receiver. Thats the hard part, filling them cleanly, and non-permanently(in case some idiot ever wants to re-add the safety to the gun again).  I settled on a 3/16”x 1” shafted aluminum chicago screw ran through and tightend against both sides. The head on it just happens to fill the frame recess perfectly, and the aluminum screw head is pliable enough to flex and seat on the frame flare on the other side. Perftect! 

The original safety bolt is 17/64”, and where it is full dia, it blocks the hammer. In safe off it has a cutout that allows the hammer to travel further.  the 3/16” dia is small enough when tightened down in the front portion of the cross holes to allow the hammer plenty of forward travel.








  If this sounds like a bad idea to anyone; It Still has the tang/lever trigger block safety that they’ve all had since about 1873, and the rebounding hammer ends at approx what a half cock notch would be… Technically you can push the hammer forward some, but unless the trigger is pulled, and the lever has to be held up for that to happen, the hammer aint gonna hit that transfer bar.   Anyone still worried; Winchester manufactured them this way with the rebounding hammer, but without the cross bolt safety for a decade, from 1981 to 1992 before introducing the CB safety.

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2 thoughts on “Cross bolt safety removed from Win 94 Trapper

  1. Weston

    I hear what your saying, I guess I just think that they added the safety for a reason….

    • I’m sorta a cynic; I figure they went 100 years without that feature, the only reason you add something like that after 10 to 100 years of use without it, is that its some lawyer covering his ass on a lawsuit that might happen when some yutz shoots himself with an otherwise perfectly safe gun…

      Something else to think about; it now functions like most any single or double action revolver(like that big .44 of yours), no safety except that if you don’t want to shoot something you don’t cock the hammer and pull the trigger. πŸ˜‰ Actually safer in a way since this can be carried with an empty chamber. πŸ™‚


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