8-12-14, 8-13-14

EDC for church Sunday, and a trip to town to the ER on Monday(Yes, yes, everything is fine Weston   Really. Don’t worry about it.  )









Think the only gear change from what its been for weeks was flashlight model for easier carry belt loop clipped instead of in pocket for comfort sitting in church, and back to the fancy SS banded Eco drive diver watch; The Tames Bond look; the closest I get to a “dress” watch.

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2 thoughts on “8-12-14, 8-13-14

  1. Weston

    ER = EMERGENCY ROOM, E.G. a room where people go in an EMERGENCY. EMERGENCY does not equal FINE.

    • It DOES equal FINE if you found out nothing epic type serious was wrong, and got a fix/solution from the doctors… 😉

      Mom was having some lower stomach/abdoman pains, and wanted to go into the walk in clinic… The ass hat idiots at that walk in have given a wrong diagnossis to her the last several times she’s been there…(found out each time after doing follow up with her regular doctor) I convinced her to go to the ER instead, where they have some semblance of knowing what they’re doing. Didn’t really Need the ER, it was just the more quality option.

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