Misc pics for today.

My little knives;


Right to left; A Camillus 76 stockman made into a whittler, my brothers Colonial baby toothpick, a Rough Rider peanut, my old trusted friend, Case circle C bluegrass bone SS peanut, my Dads Case Brothers chestnut bone SS peanut, and my Amherst Cutlery elephant ivory and SS canoe.

Although, I don’t consider the Peanut a little knife; The green one was my only carried knife for well over a year, and has been carried almost 100% of the time since, along with my other knives. Its the small knife that cuts BIG, and can keep up with and even out perform knives 4 times its size.


My money clips;



Wallets are literally a PITA, so I started using a money clip about 7 years ago, a Victorinox SAK alox money clip… In the spring of 2009 took a trip with a friend and bought an Alaska Mint silver and gold coin clip at their showroom… its been what I carry 90% of the time since. Got the buffalo coin since it matched the buffalo fur felt Stetson I bought on that trip. The other 10% the last couple years has been an old brass Marlboro clip that I got when I was a kid, and found again a couple years ago..


EDC for the past week+




Finally got the custom sight for the Winchester all blacked out;







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2 thoughts on “Misc pics for today.

  1. Weston

    Quite the collection, and that’s not even half of your knives!

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