Custom peep sight update.

I wasn’t able to find ANY hardware, either locally or online that matched the 7/32–40 thread on the aperture off my Williams sight.  So, I cheated, and ordered a aperture stem from Skinner sights;



Technically they are 12–40 thread, but its so close you’ll never know the difference when matting  with 7/32–40 threads.

I ordered the blued steel one so I could weld it. I cut the bottom post off, filled it flat(thankfully Skinner makes them with a flat on the bottom, on top of that post already!) Test fit to my sight piece, super glued it in place for temp hold while i started welding… which didn’t work, the wire force and heat shoved it off. So I held it on by hand, eyeballed its positions, and tried to cook my fingers while tacking ti in place. Worked good. Whole assembly was brite orange when I stopped  .

Got some weld and spatter in the small cross windage hole in the base piece, and slightly welded the peep into the ring(left it in so I wouldn’t get spatter in those super fine 40 tpi threads!) 

Some careful tapping, picking and light precision grinding, and then chasing the threads with the screws got that squared away. The in was lots, and lots, and lots of careful grinding and fitting to shape, and fitting to the front sight half(windage screw connects them)




Re “blued” with a black sharpie. ๐Ÿ˜€ (hey, the blueing or  blacking touch up pens were $6 to $8… And the Sharpie will probably in all honesty last longer anyway!


one possible mounting theory, for height and back spacing on the rail; 


It would be a groove the widths of the sight bar machined into the weaver rail, and then a cross hole in the front, and use a spring under one end and a screw for elevation like the sights original base had. This option eliminates the sights original base, and trims some bulk.

Not sure yet exactly how I’ll go about it though.

Also happy I can go ahead with it now though; that Weaver #95 rear receiver rail for the 94AE was a pain to get, had to hit every local sporting goods store(all 4 of them) and finally found it in a neighboring small town.. Kinda a pain to search for, but it saved me having to wait for it from ordering online.


As a side note, here are the pieces that came in for another small project I’m building; 12” of pictanny rail blank and a 3/8” sight dovetail filler blank.

XS-Scout-Rail Copy-Parts-1


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2 thoughts on “Custom peep sight update.

  1. Weston

    Whew! Looks like a lot of tedious work, but sure looks like you’re having fun! Can you still feel your fingers?

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