Woods day EDC, 9-25-14

Todays agenda is to get out and enjoy whats left of summer fall, and also get some downed firewood moved before it gets snowed on in the next few weeks… And, after 3 weeks straight of hunting, and always having the rifle in the truck, I feel weird without it… But with no use for having the rifle along now, I figure I’ll go to carrying one of my favorite revolvers that doesn’t get out much anymore, for a few woods/work days.

Picked this revolver since I’ve been working on the .45 colt Winchester 94AE Trapper, but no need to carry it now either, figured I can go for something similar and get out my other .45 Colt! (Beretta Stampede Sheriff)

Amazed me, thinking about this gun when I dug it out last night; In the middle of this next month, Oct., I’ll have had this one for 8 years! First gun I ever bought myself, splurged half my PFD the fall after I turned 21…  (and depressingly, its the Only gun I’ve ever bought! need to remedy that…  ) Man, that was a short 8 years!







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2 thoughts on “Woods day EDC, 9-25-14

  1. Weston

    Well, if you run into a bear with pants and a hat, don’t shoot, it’s Smokey, all other bears, well, you know what to do….

    • If I find a bear wearing a hat and pants, smokey or not, on my property while moving wood… I’m gonna have a heart attack and die on the spot… OR set the 100 yard land speed record while I Run to the house! 😉

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