Rem 700 in new rings

OK! Scope rings from one friend came today, along with the Leupold bases that I got impatient and ordered for them!

Aaaaannnnnnd…. They fit! They space perfectly! The scope fits them! A year of putting it off and forgetting it, and a month of fiddling with it and I finally have the Sweet scope another friend gave me on the rifle!

Its low slung, solid mounted, and back where the eye relief is great too! Gotta try to get to the range this week or weekend before the warmish weather goes away(in the 30s here this week…) for the year and get it sighted in. 

THANK YOU again Gentlemen!!









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2 thoughts on “Rem 700 in new rings

  1. Weston

    Sweet! Looks great!

    • yeah it does, don’t it? 😉 Just gotta get my good buddy Weston to go to the range with me some time soon and help me get it sighted in, theoretically before it snows or gets much colder… 😉

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